Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Start of Our New Adventure

This years Camino Adventure followed the Camino del Norte route from San Sesbastian along the coast with the green line and picked up the Camino Primitivo with the yellow line to Lugo. We then met up with the Camino Frances with the black line to Santiago and the finish.
We were on the road for 18 days with about ten hours of travel most days.

The photos were taken with two different cameras. A Sony RX100 and a GoPro Hero 2. The GoPro was fixed to the underside of the front handlebar and controlled with a Bluetooth shutter release at the top of the bar allowing us to get photos without stopping. Wetter days were harder to capture shots because the problems of exposing the lenses to rain and mud.

We also carried for the first time a little two speaker stereo system that we could load our favorite tunes for the day and enjoy music as we were riding along without head phones.

We were using two Garmin GPS devices for tracking the ride in miles as well as kilometers. The GPS in the back was following a route.

Having the Topeak MTX system of rear bag transport made life easy. The only mounting system worth using, by sliding and clicking into place, we could quickly attach and remove our days load in a second without having to deal with Velcro straps and clips. At the end of a 10 hour ride on the roads and paths we followed, this design was wonderful! Its hard to imagine using anything else.

Our rear Drum Brake worked well. Controlled by a stem shifter mounted to the stem of the front handlebar, I could control the speed without holding onto the brake levers. Although at times it was so steep all three brakes had to be on all the way to descend safely.

Our trip was a total success. There was never a time where we were not prepared. Careful planning and an adequate supply of spares had us at all times able to keep moving along. We were never without water or food. Any broken parts were replaced on the trail and we were back on the road in short order.

We are all ready planning next years trip. Please stay in touch and follow us on another Camino Adventure!