Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gernika to Bilbao

Our day started out late due to bike adjustments, finding the way out of town and getting the "stamp" at the office of tourism
By the time we got on the bike heading in the right direction, it was 11:15. The weather for the day was to be 90 degrees and 89 percent humidity.
After checking my cameras and finding out that neater one worked, I decided that the best thing to do would be to hit the pavement and go straight for the hotel and avoid the woods for the day. Hotter because of being more in the sun and heavy traffic through a 1000 foot pass with road construction, we made it to Bilbao in time enough to shower and head out to see the world famous Guggenheim museum and the massive flower covered sculpture known as "The Puppy"
Bilbau has a beautiful river side park. The museum and the bridges over the water add to its magic.
After getting the stamp at the office of tourism in front of the museum, (the easiest find yet!) we headed off for dinner of two stops for Tapas and drink. The sky was turning darker and opened up to rain as we walked into the first spot.

The Office of Tourism

Today's ride was Hot. As hot as you would want to ride in. but being on the road and not having to push the bike made things a bit easier and wuicker to enjoy our stay in Bilbau. Kind of like a "Day Off" without having the day off!

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