Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Fly's have it!

Heading out this morning we somehow picked a swarm of fly's. House, not horse type, we couldn't shake them.
House fly's in Spain are conman. I have one on my knee and one on the screen of the computer now. You get use to them. They don't bite, but when we had over 100 following us, we thought it would be best to stay on the pavement and keep moving. Riding, you can swat as you go, no matter how steep. Pushing the bike on loose rock is a little different.

Our ride brought us through some of the most beautiful roads we have seen this ride. Our total climb for the day was 4500 feet. The highest altitude was 3420 feet.

Its some times hard to see in a photograph exactly What you see in person. If it was placed on a screen as big as life, you might be able to see how grand our views for the day were. When there is nothing in the photo to reference size. Its harder.
Here are some of today's photographs:

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