Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Three

We started off the day with he news that the tandem was still in Boston. At least they found it. The other news was it would be at our Hotel this afternoon. Not likely, I thought.
After a light breakfast and a go-a-round on the internet, we walked the beach highway to town. Just beautiful. Sunny and warm, lots of folks out.
We got to town just after noon and headed into Old Town for a Restro that Barb found on line that was said to have the very best "Beef Cheeks" Super tender bits of Beef cooked in a wine sauce that are melt in your mouth! Served on top of whipped potato's, Heaven on earth, If you eat meat.

After a bit of searching we found the spot. Closed for the moment, we had to wait a bit to go in.

The service was great as well as the Beef Cheeks.

Here are today's photos:

Cool models of rowing boats that compete in the harbor once a year. The big day is Sunday, but by the time they start, we will be out of town and on our way.

We took the Beach Highway back to the hotel and talked about how nice it was to have such a wonderful route to town and back. We agreed how if it were the same at home, how we would do it every day, even if it was to just buy a banana! The little minnows and the topless women made it seem like a beautiful dream! (Kidding about all the topless women, we only saw 2)

The best news of the day was that our tandem had arrived! Only missing one strap on the outside of the box, everything was there! Perfect timing and for the very low shipping price of $75.00! Shipped from Boston to our room! Now you cant beat that!

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  1. Glad to hear that your bike has arrived - now the adventure can really start!