Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day Two, St Sebastion

Day 2, still no bike. They say they dont know where it is.
I can remember walking out the door at the end of a long day at Wheelworks many times and thinking to myself "Well if Im going to ride home, Im going to need a bike!"
I think we will need a bike if were going to do this ride, for sure!

We made the best of our day. We moved from Hotel one to Hotel two, only to get the news that the bike still has not arrived.
St Sabastion is a beautiful city! Its a beach town. Centered around a huge crescent shaped beach. At the North side is "Old Town" Loaded with cool shops and great little eaterys with food and drink. Every bar serves some kind Tappas. Like little works of art you get to eat!

We walked the sidewalk above the beach and arrived in Old Town in time for lunch. We found a great spot with a table and feasted. You go to the bar and pick what you want and put it on your plate and bring it back to the table. I have been drinking Beer and Barb a white wine that they pour with a long streem high above the glass. It adds bubbles if nothing less. Both the beer and the wine are very strong. Im only good for 2 and Barbara, only one.

Here are todays photos:

After lunch we walked the beach back to the hotel. The end of the beach is topless for both men and women. Its really something to have a gal walk up and smile. Its a whole new thing! One more thing that assures me thet the US will never catch up to Europe! Sorry Boys, No topless photos today!


  1. Go get some good walking shoes and you can start trekking!!!!!

  2. That was a stupid idea anyway...Congrats and can't wait for more posts as you pedal along.