Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bilbao to Laredo

We headed out of town on the bicycle trail following the mark along the river park. Somehow we ended up in a Super Highway tunnel filled with car exhaust.Exactly the opposite we were thinking about on our adventure!

We found our way back to the river and followed it to the very last crossing. A cool hung tram / ferry that crossed the river with the huge super structure seen in the photos below.

Arriving on the other side and heading West, we soon found the mark again and headed out of town on a one way street the wrong way to stay on course. The street had electric sidewalks up and out of the river valley. Funny, the Camino does have electric sidewalks!

We picked up a bicycle trail well marked with the Camino marks that was 13k long leading us to the shore and lunch. The trail was better used then any trail we have seen. Hardly flat, it had ample walking space as well as a 2 lane bike route. Climbs of 300 feet and back down again. It seemed to follow the highway but not enough to see it. Just close enough to hear it at times and cross under it in clean, well paved tunnels. Smooth pavement without one hint of tree roots or cracks of any sort.

After a great lunch of a Hamburger and beer we hit the trail again across the beach in view of the crashing waves and the mountains. Heaven on earth!

The trail led us out to a round-a-bout that had us soon climbing in the 90 degree heat. Shade-less and still from any breeze. 600 feet and slow going.

We ride slow. There is no mistaking that. Our new low gear has us climbing at 3.5 mph. We love it! Quite and smooth. When we are there, we just pedal and before we know it, were at the top of the hill.

Yesterday we had 3 Pilgrims along side, walking. One of them took off from the rest of the group and beat us to the top of the hill by 10 feet! I yelled out "The Winner!" We all laughed as I rung my bell and we coasted off 5 miles downhill at about 35 mph!

Our trip has been hard so far but fun. We finish completely done. Our eyes burn from the sweat, and our feet and seats are on fire! Riding in 90 degree heat may be not bad for a while but after a 10 hour day, were really happy to see the hotel.

Here are some of today's photos:

An Elictric sidewalk on the Camino! Who would have thought?

Amazing Surfing scene all along the north Shore of Spain. I want to move!

We look forward to another day!

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