Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Rainy Sunday Ride into Galicia

Our Sunday started foggy and damp. The forecast for the day was on and showers with heavy rain in the late afternoon.
With 45 miles and 3 mountain passes with climbs of over 1400', we decided to stay on the pavement, have a nice Sunday dinner and get to our next hotel before it started pouring.
The trails at this point are all open and out of tree cover., climbing would be pushing the tandem and descending walking down with the brakes on.
The riding was never without beautiful views at every moment. The higher we got the more out of the clouds we were. Soon we were on partly dry road with views like you might dream about. Clouds in the valleys with clear mountain tops.
We left the region of Asturias and were now in Galicia. Nearing Santiago, and in one the most beautiful places in the world. You could see it at the border that the Pilgrims felt exactly the way as we. There were rocks of all sizes carried there and placed carefully in a pile.
We arrived at our lunch town around 1:00. Too early for Sunday dinner, but in time to make it to the department of tourism for the Pilgrim stamp and a couple of great maps.
Our lunch was better then we expected. A been soup followed by Pork Cheeks and Fry s I had a coffee tort that was out of this world!
The Restaurant had entailment! A bicycle time trial with a little boy that kept riding his bikes in laps through the dining room and back through the bar. He did about 30 laps before his Dad said it was time to go.

We made it to the hotel before it really started to rain. Perfect timing for the perfect Sunday on the bike!

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