Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our day off in Oviedo

The view out our hotel window

There is a statue of Woody Allen somewhere in this town. We never found it. It was placed here because he had won the Prince of Asturias Award for something. Allen visited the city to collect the award and said "Oviedo is a delicious city, exotic, beautiful. Its as if it didn't belong to the world, as if it didn't exist at all.,,,Orviedo is a farietail"

Were sure of at least one thing, He didn't ride a bike to get here.

A day off in Oviedo is a wonderful thing to do, but in fact, it does exist. Maybe old Woody had a bit too much Spanish wine,

Our day off was great, First plan was to get the Pilgrim stamp. Second was to visit the Cathedral and maybe even get a stamp there as well

The tour through the market had us meeting a great fellow selling all local goods. He had stories to tell and one of the best IPA beers we have ever tasted

Our day off the bike was a success. We were now ready for the next 7 days of some of the hardest riding we have ever done.

We had a fantastic lunch today at a great little spot we found in the Michelin Green Guide.
A traditional spot with local traditional food. The restaurant was owner run and was happy to serve us and tell us about the local bean dish we should try. It was served in 3 ways. One with sausage and another with vegetables.( Not sure about the third)
The restaurant was all chestnut and quite beautiful. Lunch was quite and good. The type of spot you wish you had in your town. We were treated like royalty!

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