Monday, September 15, 2014

On the Road Again!

Its good to be back on the road again! Straight up hill. Were loving the new gearing!
We climed 600 feet in the first mile and a third and it was still going up! Sandy and rockey. Views like you would not belive. What a beautiful part of the world!
The weather was warm and wet. It rained hard during and after lunch. Cloud bursts! we were under cover at the worst of it.
There was a lot of bike walking today, Unridable conditions, Super rockey and at times super slick. We had of section of super steep cobble that was even hard to walk on. Both up and down, Im sure that whan it was dry it would be fine to walk on, but as a tandem, riding would have been tough because it was never smooth.
Taking photos was tough because having to keep the camera under wraps. Even the GoPro had problems.
We have seen more Pilgrims, as we like to call them, out on this trail. A father and son team were on upright bike in street cloths. They seemed to be doing fine. We passed them at the last big town on the side of the road looking for their hostle. We might not see them again.
The Camino del Norte, or the North Route is the original route of the road to Santiago. The popular route south of us was established after it became safer to travel in land that was less Moorish. The southern route is a bit easier we have heard but not as scenic. The views we have had so far have been amazing! Dipping down to the coast and then back into the hills all day long.

Here are some of todays photos:

The road has been well marked. Better then trips of years past. Never once did we have to turn around and go back to pick up the route. This makes riding a bit less stressful. Keeping the bike moving forward to the hotel and the first cold beer of the evening! Yes!

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