Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Have Arrived

Delays at the airport in Boston had us missing our flight in Madrid to San Sebatian. We were given another flight, 4 hours later but when we arrived, our tandem had been left behind.
We checked in to the hotel only find out that our 3 day resevations start tomorrow night! They were booked for the evening.
The Women at the desk was great. She found a room for us across town, called a taxi and after a beer at the bar were on our way for our evenings stay.
After a shower and a nap, we went downtown.

Beautiful late summer weather here. Mid 70's and sunny. The sun went down at 8:30 tonight making for a nice long day.
Were looking forward to getting the bike back tomorrow and getting it built. there are bicycle trails all over town and seeing the sights by bike is always the best way to go.
Wish you were here!

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