Monday, September 22, 2014

They call it Stormy Monday

We woke to rain. The forcast said "Rain all day"

They were right. Harder at times, all the bikes took to the street.

When the weather man says 100% chance of rain, the important thing is to get to our destination as quickly as possible.We got on the road and started to climb out of town, Overdressed, we stopped to peal layers. Our now narrow, twisty turney road that just kept going up! The amount of traffic never became a problem.
After a bit we were passed by a young group on mountain bikes. "The Boys" as we called them stayed in front of us until the first round a bout when they kept riding around. I said to Barbara, "we will see them again"
We stop at every photo opportunity . Most people would go crazy with the amount of stopping I do, but Barbara knows that every stop means another good shot..
While we were stopped, the "The Boys" came up the hill .I asked them to stop so I could hand them a travel card of this blog. I had been taking the photos below and wanted them to be able to see them later.
Then two other riders came up the road that were with them and had dropped off the back.

Rainy day riding makes it harder to shoot photos. The big camera needs to be under wraps and away from the rain. It sits in the bag in back and when its needed, we need to stop the bike and get off. The GoPro however is mounted to the underside of my handlebars and the only worry is check to see if the outer lens is clean from rain or dirt. Controlled from my handle bars above the camera, I can take a shot without taking my hands off the bars. All of the shots that you can see the tire in the lower right were shot that way.

We got in at the right time. It really started raining harder when we arrived. By the time we made it to lunch it was coming down very hard. Nice to be off the bike and out of unsafe conditions.

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